Gifts, Passions, and Style


“Gifts represent the traits and abilities God places in people to benefit others.”
(Chapter 2, p. 44)


What traits and abilities do you believe God has placed within you?
(See Romans 12 and 1 Corinthians 12 for more on what Paul said about this.)


List some tasks you’ve completed over the last week.


Rob writes, “You realize you are living out of your gifts when tasks that employ these natural abilities give you energy rather than drain you.” (Chapter 2, p. 45)

Think about what you’ve listed above; then mark through the ones that leave you feeling drained.



“Passions involve what stirs your soul. What topic or interest could you stay up all night talking about? What problem or ill in our world fires you up and makes you say, ‘This cannot continue!’” (Chapter 2, p. 45)

Think about those two questions for a moment; then jot some thoughts down below.




Style is the way we work and accomplish tasks, which can either help or hinder our ability to work with joy. (p. 45 Which Way, Lord?)


Circle the ways you enjoy working below (add your own):
Alone     Teams     Dream/Vision     Implementation     Mental tasks     Physical tasks


Think about other aspects of completing tasks that help or hinder you and jot them below.


Pause for prayer: Sit quietly for a moment, thinking about this exercise and what you’ve learned about yourself. When you are ready, talk to God about what you’ve written.

Download this PDF to use with your small group.