Key Elements


Key Elements for a Life of Purpose and Meaning
(Chapter 2, p. 37)

Think about what key elements you already know about Paul from what you learned in church or from reading chapter two in the book.  Jot down those details in the second column.


Pause for prayer (adapted from the Adult Guide, p. 10)
Creator God, thank you for the gift of life. You have fearfully and wonderfully made me in your image. Reveal to me those aspects of my being that you might use to accomplish your purpose through me. Help me remember whose I am so that I might understand who I am. In the name of Jesus Christ, I pray. Amen.
Now, begin thinking about your key elements and write those in the third column.


*Page numbers from the book are given for each of the key elements if you need a definition


Key element Paul’s life My life
Cultural background
(p. 38)
Spiritual upbringing (p. 39)
Family’s background
(p. 40)
Personal life
(p. 40)
Education, skills, mentors including trade
(p. 41)
Gifts, talents, and skills. Natural abilities
(p. 42)
(p. 43)

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